Digital assets and blockchain industry

Complex educational program that introduces the world of crypto and its possibilities.

Digital assets and blockchain industry is an online course that comprehensively overviews the newly emerging industry. Besides necessary theory, the course is oriented very practically so you can utilize the gained knowledge in your professional life.

The course is meant for people working in financial business or business where is the  knowledge applicable. Although the whole material is online, we will guide you the whole time, answer your questions, and give you feedback on your assignments.

What competencies will you gain?

  1. Advanced ability to hold and utilize crypto assets on different blockchains and wallets practically and securely

  2. A practical and realistic overview of the applicability of blockchain in business, a critical look at the market’s state in the context of its development and expectations

  3. The ability to quickly adopt new skills in a rapidly evolving environment

  4. In-demand ability to implement the pilot phase of an application project, leading to high employability in a promising and unsaturated market

  5. The most up-to-date know-how derived directly from practical experience

  6. Risk management in managing crypto asset portfolios and advanced trading strategies, including DeFi

  7. Critical evaluation of presented projects, uncovering unethical practices and red flags, basics of forensic analysis

When completing the course successfully, you will obtain an official University of Economics and Business in Prague certificate. One of the beneficial outputs will also be your practical project that could be implemented in your institution.

The course is held in Moodle (a centralized university system). The modules will be unlocked every week together with practical assignments. You can also access a forum to discuss the topics with your classmates and lecturers.

Course schedule - MODULES

  1. Bitcoin concept in the context of the development of money and endogenous fiat money

  2. Landscape of the crypto industry and its development since its inception

  3. BIPs and LN, direct applications of Bitcoin, one chain to rule them all?

  4. Altcoins, Ethereum, EVM, Applications and DeFi

  5. Fundamental analysis, Onchain analysis, and relevant resources, how to read a whitepaper

  6. Introduction to trading strategies and portfolio management based on technical analysis

  7. Tracing of tokens and coins, transactions and what they mean, and blockchain analysis

  8. Regulations and legal aspects

Course lectures

Ing. Mgr. Jakub Jedlinský Ph.D

Ing. Mgr. Jakub Jedlinský Ph.D

System analyst of money flows and expert on fundamental analysis. Jakub has started teaching crypto-related courses at our university in 2014. It was probably the first economic course on distributed ledger technology globally.

Ing. Kareem Abdallah

Ing. Kareem Abdallah

Expert on digital currencies and a professional trader. Kareem is a PhD student at the university, focusing on macroeconomic analysis.